Precert – Never Have I Ever….

This session will use the popular party game, Never Have I Ever… to spark a conversation about the struggles and pitfalls of prior authorization and pre-certification. Throughout the session, the speaker will present many ways that Centricity datasets can be used to manage the prior authorization process, monitor staff productivity and prioritizing based on payer, staff, skills, provider and location. Click the link below to view the 2019 CHUG presentation. Never Have I Ever

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Mother May I? Use EMR Forms to Reduce Your Billing and Precert Costs

As health care providers, we want to offer the very best quality care to each of our patients. The clinical documentation processes that physicians follow are arguably as important as their interactions with patients. EHR notes can increase communication within the practice, provide better continuity of care, and improve claim reimbursement. Learn how to create EHR forms that pull relevant information into forms specifically designed for the precert department. And see how Ortho Northeast has utilized their EHR forms to improve clinical notes that ensure the payer has the necessary information to authorize or pay a service. Better yet, they can ensure coding compliance with payer guidelines and follow coding rules. Click the link below to view the 2018 Centricity™ LIVE presentation. EMR59 Mother May I Use EMR Forms to Reduce Your Billing and Precert Costs

Watch Now! GE Centricity™ Users: Precertification

Presenter: Mona Reimers Please join us for a free webinar for GE Centricity™ users covering the unique ways to use Centricity's scheduling and EMR tools to reduce the time and work needed to obtain pre-certification. This webinar will show proven results to make "biggest losers" out of the precert department liberating them from re-work and resolve hoarding issues. Participants will also see management tools that can monitor work in progress, time frames for completion, and monitor individual employee contributions to the prior authorization department.

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Hoarders & Biggest Losers (Your Pre-Certification Department)

Presenter: Mona Reimers Insurers require permission for office visits, medications, surgeries, medical devices and therapies - and the list continues to grow. At the same time, insurers are adding to the amount of medical information they require before granting permission for patients to have the services they need. And because the insurers' processes are so flawed, re-work and wasted effort is everywhere. Hospitals and other third parties involved in care often need to share the precert information, adding yet another required communication that eats away at staff time. It is no wonder that fear of a missed authorization or a denial often causes staff to start hoarding paperwork and causes them to constantly "double check" their work, reviewing the same lists over and over. The session will demonstrate unique ways to use Centricity's scheduling and EMR tools to reduce the time [...]