Precert – Never Have I Ever….

This session will use the popular party game, Never Have I Ever… to spark a conversation about the struggles and pitfalls of prior authorization and pre-certification. Throughout the session, the speaker will present many ways that Centricity datasets can be used to manage the prior authorization process, monitor staff productivity and prioritizing based on payer, staff, skills, provider and location. Click the link below to view the 2019 CHUG presentation. Never Have I Ever

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Win the Infinity War! Implement Change While Maintaining a Positive Culture

Does change make you anxious? Success doesn’t just happen, it requires a journey of working through developments and deviations. Organizations need to be willing to adapt and accept change on their quest to stay competitive and thrive. It’s crucial to identify and overcome obstacles, while reevaluating workflows, measuring quality and improving performance. Join Ortho NorthEast as we show you how to implement change while maintaining a positive culture by utilizing staff ideas and our three pillars of success. Click the link below to view the 2019 CHUG presentation. Win the Infinity War! Implement Change While Maintaining a Positive Culture  

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Automating the Pain Away

Presenter: Mike Baeske Modern healthcare is full of pain points: constantly changing government programs and regulations, rigid insurance reimbursement rules, and staff turnover, just to name a few. These demands can become overwhelming, but there is hope. With a little investment, workflows can be streamlined and tasks can be automated, alleviating pain and enabling you and your staff to focus on more important responsibilities. In this session, learn how Ortho Northeast (ONE) maximizes practice workflow efficiencies. Mike Baeske from ONE will demonstrate and share different techniques that can be used with Centricity™ Practice Solution (including tips for successful implementation).

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Flip or Flop – Renovate Your Centricity PM/EMR to Make the Most of Your Data

Presenters: Cyndi McNutt & Alison Beber Every business must consider their own external and environmental forces when creating their best workflows. Better performing practices track many individual metrics that are relevant to their specific organization, going well beyond the standard industry benchmarking data. Medical practices have far too many inefficient and expensive workflows using complicated data. See how Orthopaedics Northeast (ONE) has simplified staff reports and management dashboards that reported daily, weekly or monthly without "running" reports. Participants will see a number of examples that show how our practice has used customized EMR forms and PM data to improve workflows. See how we have utilized front office staff to capture health history thus freeing up expensive real estate in the exam rooms. The presenters will demonstrate how we have incorporated the use of automated tools vs manual tools that can save [...]