Precert – Never Have I Ever….

This session will use the popular party game, Never Have I Ever… to spark a conversation about the struggles and pitfalls of prior authorization and pre-certification. Throughout the session, the speaker will present many ways that Centricity datasets can be used to manage the prior authorization process, monitor staff productivity and prioritizing based on payer, staff, skills, provider and location. Click the link below to view the 2019 CHUG presentation. Never Have I Ever

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Win the Infinity War! Implement Change While Maintaining a Positive Culture

Does change make you anxious? Success doesn’t just happen, it requires a journey of working through developments and deviations. Organizations need to be willing to adapt and accept change on their quest to stay competitive and thrive. It’s crucial to identify and overcome obstacles, while reevaluating workflows, measuring quality and improving performance. Join Ortho NorthEast as we show you how to implement change while maintaining a positive culture by utilizing staff ideas and our three pillars of success. Click the link below to view the 2019 CHUG presentation. Win the Infinity War! Implement Change While Maintaining a Positive Culture  

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Introduction to HTML 5 with Centricity

  As Centricity continues to evolve, new techniques can be adopted with the chart module to improve user workflows.  Forms can now be built using web development principles making the content more intuitive and visually appealing.  In this presentation, you will learn the basics of developing HTML 5 web pages including HTML tags and CSS formatting.  Additionally this presentation will cover how to deploy the custom content into Centricity so that it can be accessed in a chart update. Click the link below to view the 2019 CHUG presentation. Introduction to HTML 5 with Centricity

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Narcissists, Drama Queens & Psychopaths

Presenter: Mona Reimers Failing to maximize your practice's expensive IT investment can cost millions of dollars. The costs rise when key stakeholders refuse or fail to use the software to maximize its potential return on investment. This session will discuss why end users resist adopting new technology and actually prefer working in chaotic environments. Hear how the presenter achieved changes in workflows that involved difficult personalities and required the adoption of new technological processes. This session will focus extensively on how to identify difficult workers, help debunk myths, dial down the drama and reign in narcissists and psychopaths. If you lead a team of people through healthcare IT/changes, you will most likely benefit from this session. Click the link below to view a copy of the presentation! Narcissists Drama Queens & Psychopaths - PDF

If Quality is the New Currency, What is Your Exchange Rate on Orders?

Presenters: Tom Pawlik, Krista Bennett, Mike Baeske It can be challenging to get your providers into an overwhelmingly complicated orders module with scrolling custom lists and endless clicks. The process can be simplified without the need of a computer programmer or extensive training, while custom development can elevate your processes to a whole other level. Did you know you can keep your providers and staff in their normal routine, while creating multiple orders, putting money in your pocket and aiding in subsequent workflows? Join Ortho Northeast as we share our experiences with managing orders and how it can increase the exchange rate on your quality currency. Click the link below to view a copy of the presentation! If Quality is the New Currency, What is Your Exchange Rate on Orders - PDF

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How to Reduce Errors and Increase Staff Productivity

Presenters: Alison Beber & Kylie Mills Manual processes result in the same mistakes done over and over again. Automation has allowed us to eliminate everyday tasks, reduce staff errors and provide perspective to the decision making process throughout the organization. See how Ortho Northeast has implemented solutions to streamline tedious tasks and improve current operations through the provision of additional information provided by automated reports using GE Centricity data. Through automation in your practice, you can now focus on improving processes rather than doing the process itself. Click the link below to view a copy of the presentation! How to Reduce Errors and Increase Staff Productivity - PDF

Stop Suffering… Break the Pain Cycle

Presenters: Tom Pawlik & Krista Bennett Ortho Northeast has developed, streamlined and automated its pain management tools and workflows to maintain a "work smarter, not harder" approach which allows staff to spend more time with hands on patient care. Whether you have patient issues with chronic pain, acute pain or surgical pain we have some ideas that can help you. Centricity EMR encounter forms can help staff pilot through the tricky and delicate world of pain management. Strategic dashboards and reminders allow staff and supervisors to stay on top of the ever changing narcotic and opioid restrictions. Join us as we share some of the simple tools we use to guide staff through their daily tasks.

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Hoarders & Biggest Losers (Your Pre-Certification Department)

Presenter: Mona Reimers Insurers require permission for office visits, medications, surgeries, medical devices and therapies - and the list continues to grow. At the same time, insurers are adding to the amount of medical information they require before granting permission for patients to have the services they need. And because the insurers' processes are so flawed, re-work and wasted effort is everywhere. Hospitals and other third parties involved in care often need to share the precert information, adding yet another required communication that eats away at staff time. It is no wonder that fear of a missed authorization or a denial often causes staff to start hoarding paperwork and causes them to constantly "double check" their work, reviewing the same lists over and over. The session will demonstrate unique ways to use Centricity's scheduling and EMR tools to reduce the time [...]

Triage Scheduling Form – Reduce Appointment Scheduling Errors

Presenter: Kylie Mills Are you tired of unhappy providers due to scheduling errors? Is your staff discouraged and frustrated with making mistakes. Appointment Scheduling can be a challenging department from all aspects of an organization. See how ONE utilized the GE Centricity EHR to help appointment schedulers schedule correctly every time without having to memorize pages of preferences. The audience will see how ONE created a form that houses all of our physician preferences so staff can enter in subjective information and as a result they are guided to schedule with the correct provider based on their personal preferences. Observe how this enhanced the confident of our schedulers and reduced training time. Participants will be shown several examples of how this has benefited patients and providers.

Flip or Flop – Renovate Your Centricity PM/EMR to Make the Most of Your Data

Presenters: Cyndi McNutt & Alison Beber Every business must consider their own external and environmental forces when creating their best workflows. Better performing practices track many individual metrics that are relevant to their specific organization, going well beyond the standard industry benchmarking data. Medical practices have far too many inefficient and expensive workflows using complicated data. See how Orthopaedics Northeast (ONE) has simplified staff reports and management dashboards that reported daily, weekly or monthly without "running" reports. Participants will see a number of examples that show how our practice has used customized EMR forms and PM data to improve workflows. See how we have utilized front office staff to capture health history thus freeing up expensive real estate in the exam rooms. The presenters will demonstrate how we have incorporated the use of automated tools vs manual tools that can save [...]