Getting Paid What You’re Due

Studies show that practices are routinely underpaid on their fee for service claims in government and commercial claims. In our fast paced payment posting world, where hundreds and thousands of line items are posted from a single electronic remittance file, a human is often not even able to see what would otherwise be obvious. So, how can anyone be certain that their claims have been adjudicated correctly and that the practice hasn’t been short changed? Even if you look at your data regularly, knowing whether you are getting paid for the services you bill out if difficult because no two payers process claims exactly alike. Each payer uses proprietary rules from ranking of RVUs, to which CPT code is in what order on the claim form and then modifies the payment based on the place of service, whether a provider is [...]

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Cycle Through the Success of Ortho NorthEast’s Instant Access Clinic

Ortho NorthEast will walk you through our implementation process and the progression of our first two years of our Ortho Walk in Clinic.  We will demonstrate our planning process from ramping up the first clinic to opening a second location.  Learn how we recruited advanced practitioners for this role.  We will show you how we manage front desk and clinical staffing to support the clinic.  Learn how we use GE Centricity to assist us with reports that track patient appointments, surgical referrals, length of office visit, lobby wait duration, etc to support the success of this clinic to our practice.  We will reveal how we use GE Centricity as a scheduling tool with our triage form to guide schedulers in directing eligible patients to the Walk In Clinic. Click the link below to view the 2018 Centricity™ LIVE presentation. EMR24 Cycle [...]

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Mother May I? Use EMR Forms to Reduce Your Billing and Precert Costs

As health care providers, we want to offer the very best quality care to each of our patients. The clinical documentation processes that physicians follow are arguably as important as their interactions with patients. EHR notes can increase communication within the practice, provide better continuity of care, and improve claim reimbursement. Learn how to create EHR forms that pull relevant information into forms specifically designed for the precert department. And see how Ortho Northeast has utilized their EHR forms to improve clinical notes that ensure the payer has the necessary information to authorize or pay a service. Better yet, they can ensure coding compliance with payer guidelines and follow coding rules. Click the link below to view the 2018 Centricity™ LIVE presentation. EMR59 Mother May I Use EMR Forms to Reduce Your Billing and Precert Costs

Narcissists, Drama Queens & Psychopaths

Presenter: Mona Reimers Failing to maximize your practice's expensive IT investment can cost millions of dollars. The costs rise when key stakeholders refuse or fail to use the software to maximize its potential return on investment. This session will discuss why end users resist adopting new technology and actually prefer working in chaotic environments. Hear how the presenter achieved changes in workflows that involved difficult personalities and required the adoption of new technological processes. This session will focus extensively on how to identify difficult workers, help debunk myths, dial down the drama and reign in narcissists and psychopaths. If you lead a team of people through healthcare IT/changes, you will most likely benefit from this session. Click the link below to view a copy of the presentation! Narcissists Drama Queens & Psychopaths - PDF

If Quality is the New Currency, What is Your Exchange Rate on Orders?

Presenters: Tom Pawlik, Krista Bennett, Mike Baeske It can be challenging to get your providers into an overwhelmingly complicated orders module with scrolling custom lists and endless clicks. The process can be simplified without the need of a computer programmer or extensive training, while custom development can elevate your processes to a whole other level. Did you know you can keep your providers and staff in their normal routine, while creating multiple orders, putting money in your pocket and aiding in subsequent workflows? Join Ortho Northeast as we share our experiences with managing orders and how it can increase the exchange rate on your quality currency. Click the link below to view a copy of the presentation! If Quality is the New Currency, What is Your Exchange Rate on Orders - PDF

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How to Reduce Errors and Increase Staff Productivity

Presenters: Alison Beber & Kylie Mills Manual processes result in the same mistakes done over and over again. Automation has allowed us to eliminate everyday tasks, reduce staff errors and provide perspective to the decision making process throughout the organization. See how Ortho Northeast has implemented solutions to streamline tedious tasks and improve current operations through the provision of additional information provided by automated reports using GE Centricity data. Through automation in your practice, you can now focus on improving processes rather than doing the process itself. Click the link below to view a copy of the presentation! How to Reduce Errors and Increase Staff Productivity - PDF

Automating the Pain Away

Presenter: Mike Baeske Modern healthcare is full of pain points: constantly changing government programs and regulations, rigid insurance reimbursement rules, and staff turnover, just to name a few. These demands can become overwhelming, but there is hope. With a little investment, workflows can be streamlined and tasks can be automated, alleviating pain and enabling you and your staff to focus on more important responsibilities. In this session, learn how Ortho Northeast (ONE) maximizes practice workflow efficiencies. Mike Baeske from ONE will demonstrate and share different techniques that can be used with Centricity™ Practice Solution (including tips for successful implementation).

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Watch Now! GE Centricity™ Users: How to Optimize Your Surgical Scheduling Process

Presenters: Tom Pawlik & Alison Beber Please join us for a free webinar for GE Centricity™ users to learn how we leverage Information Technology in the pre-surgical services environment. Construct a staff workflow that utilizes GE Centricity™ EMR and PM to connect your clinical department to the staff responsible for optimizing and scheduling your surgery patients. Combining custom encounter forms and automatic notification technology allows a single staff member the ability to multi-task in today's busy medical office setting. With the aid of technology, you can keep your patients engaged in their care and lead them to a successful surgical outcome.

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Watch Now! Centricity™ Users: How to Cure Hiccups and Create a Seamless Patient Experience

Presenter Krista Bennett & Tom Pawlik Please join us for a free webinar for GE Centricity™ users to learn how to cure hiccups with providers while creating a seamless experience for patients. In this webinar, we'll share tips to make it easy for your staff to be successful. We'll also show you tricks to use to maximize patient care and increase efficiency in the clinical areas. Come see how we use Centricity to do the work for us.

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Watch Now! GE Centricity™ Users: Precertification

Presenter: Mona Reimers Please join us for a free webinar for GE Centricity™ users covering the unique ways to use Centricity's scheduling and EMR tools to reduce the time and work needed to obtain pre-certification. This webinar will show proven results to make "biggest losers" out of the precert department liberating them from re-work and resolve hoarding issues. Participants will also see management tools that can monitor work in progress, time frames for completion, and monitor individual employee contributions to the prior authorization department.

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