Presenters: Mona Reimers & Mike Baeske

Beware!  The complicated and tricky workflows necessary to run a medical practice vary widely and if the wrong solutions are selected, any business could find itself way behind in the race for survival.  This is the first of two sessions that will provide examples and instruction on how to use SQL Server (a software program most practices already own) to create unique reporting tools that will banish dreaded re-work or completely eliminate the most evil antagonist – manual reporting.  Practice managers often feel that they are fighting monstrous regulations and villains who plot to drive up costs at every turn.  Running and rerunning reports to compile data is expensive, painful, time consuming, and often fall short of what is really needed to keep processes lean and the bottom line healthy.  Fear not!  The solutions are readily available.  Practices can leverage their financial investment in Centricity to create powerful custom tools to capitalize on the data resources already in their systems.  These unique tools can help practices overcome the nefarious fiends lurking in the shadows hoping to steal staff time and reduce revenue.   Participants will discover secret recipes to build completely customized solutions and find hidden gems to satisfy the distinct needs of a practice, department, or payer.  The presenters are a practice administrator and a seasoned software developer who use their magical powers to overcome the daily challenges and trials in modern healthcare.   Real world examples from every department in a medical practice will demonstrate how to achieve the highest return on investment – with better reporting, simplified workflows, and improve quality, efficiency and profitability.  (Note: Either session can be attended independently, but each session will contain entirely new material.)