Using Centricity Tools to Create a Flawless Experience for Patients and Providers

See how Ortho Northeast has implemented solutions to streamline tedious tasks and improve current operations. Presenters will show how being proactive prior to the patient’s appointment will help create a more relaxed and efficient environment for patients, physicians, and staff. Discover how we use Centricity to save valuable real estate time in the exam room with EMR encounter forms, as well as automated processes and workflows. We will demonstrate customized forms and reports that we find valuable. Click the link below to view the 2019 CHUG presentation. Using Centricity Tools to Create a Flawless Experience for Patients and Providers

Introduction to HTML 5 with Centricity

  As Centricity continues to evolve, new techniques can be adopted with the chart module to improve user workflows.  Forms can now be built using web development principles making the content more intuitive and visually appealing.  In this presentation, you will learn the basics of developing HTML 5 web pages including HTML tags and CSS formatting.  Additionally this presentation will cover how to deploy the custom content into Centricity so that it can be accessed in a chart update. Click the link below to view the 2019 CHUG presentation. Introduction to HTML 5 with Centricity

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Narcissists, Drama Queens & Psychopaths

Presenter: Mona Reimers Failing to maximize your practice's expensive IT investment can cost millions of dollars. The costs rise when key stakeholders refuse or fail to use the software to maximize its potential return on investment. This session will discuss why end users resist adopting new technology and actually prefer working in chaotic environments. Hear how the presenter achieved changes in workflows that involved difficult personalities and required the adoption of new technological processes. This session will focus extensively on how to identify difficult workers, help debunk myths, dial down the drama and reign in narcissists and psychopaths. If you lead a team of people through healthcare IT/changes, you will most likely benefit from this session. Click the link below to view a copy of the presentation! Narcissists Drama Queens & Psychopaths - PDF

If Quality is the New Currency, What is Your Exchange Rate on Orders?

Presenters: Tom Pawlik, Krista Bennett, Mike Baeske It can be challenging to get your providers into an overwhelmingly complicated orders module with scrolling custom lists and endless clicks. The process can be simplified without the need of a computer programmer or extensive training, while custom development can elevate your processes to a whole other level. Did you know you can keep your providers and staff in their normal routine, while creating multiple orders, putting money in your pocket and aiding in subsequent workflows? Join Ortho Northeast as we share our experiences with managing orders and how it can increase the exchange rate on your quality currency. Click the link below to view a copy of the presentation! If Quality is the New Currency, What is Your Exchange Rate on Orders - PDF

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Automating the Pain Away

Presenter: Mike Baeske Modern healthcare is full of pain points: constantly changing government programs and regulations, rigid insurance reimbursement rules, and staff turnover, just to name a few. These demands can become overwhelming, but there is hope. With a little investment, workflows can be streamlined and tasks can be automated, alleviating pain and enabling you and your staff to focus on more important responsibilities. In this session, learn how Ortho Northeast (ONE) maximizes practice workflow efficiencies. Mike Baeske from ONE will demonstrate and share different techniques that can be used with Centricity™ Practice Solution (including tips for successful implementation).

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Data Mine Craft: How to Build

Presenters: Mike Baeske & Mona Reimers In a medical world overwhelmed with the creeps of regulations, evils of inefficiency, and penalties of merit based reporting, administrators and software developers must join forces to survive. This session will teach you how to transform your data resources into powerful tools that gain efficiencies and maximize profits. Centricity, SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studios, Microsoft Excel, and Logical Innovations' Visual Form Editor will enable the crafting of such treasures which can be utilized throughout a practice in often surprising ways. Throughout the presentation, real examples and detailed instructions will provide the blue prints needed to implement your own solutions to slay the repetitive and daunting tasks that spawn rework, errors, and wasted time on a daily basis.

Data Mine Craft: What to Build

Presenters: Mona Reimers & Mike Baeske Beware!  The complicated and tricky workflows necessary to run a medical practice vary widely and if the wrong solutions are selected, any business could find itself way behind in the race for survival.  This is the first of two sessions that will provide examples and instruction on how to use SQL Server (a software program most practices already own) to create unique reporting tools that will banish dreaded re-work or completely eliminate the most evil antagonist - manual reporting.  Practice managers often feel that they are fighting monstrous regulations and villains who plot to drive up costs at every turn.  Running and rerunning reports to compile data is expensive, painful, time consuming, and often fall short of what is really needed to keep processes lean and the bottom line healthy.  Fear not!  The solutions are [...]