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“You guys were all wonderful and getting to see how your office operates gave me a ton of new ideas so it was very beneficial getting to spend the time with all of you that I did!”
Kaci Manson, LPN, GulfCoast Vascular Surgeons - Florida
“You will be hard pressed to find a team of developers more dedicated to efficiency and a superb patient experience than the DataDrivers. With their unique and innovative approach, they put thought into every click of a button and placement of a drop down box. They are keenly interested in listening to the providers and creating the best solution unique to their needs and workflows.”
Shekinah Bishop, Southwest Orthopaedic & Reconstructive Specialists - Oklahoma
“I have had the immense pleasure of working with the Data Drivers/ONE Team for over a year. I am the EMR Specialist and form builder for an Orthopedic practice and we purchased several of Data Drivers/ONE Orthopedic forms. The entire team has been very helpful and supportive in all aspects of our interaction. Mike Baeske has been very helpful in teaching me to manage and edit the forms myself which has benefited our practice as I have then been able to apply this knowledge to other forms. The team has always been available to answer questions about their workflows and how they may relate to our practice. Their knowledge and comprehension of the entire process of a patients visit from beginning to end as well as the physicians and clinical staff needs, is second to none. I have personally met most of the Data Drivers/ONE Team at a CHUG conference and they are an amazing team to know and work with.”
Jona Ball - EMR Specialist, The Orthopedic Clinic Association (TOCA), Arizona
“Data Drivers is quite an impressive organization. They have taken very good GE systems and enhanced the software to allow their clinical workflow processes to be much more efficient. Their competence and ability to teach is excellent. In a world where IT expenditures are challenged , they are a model of what making a long term investment in your GE products can produce in practice efficiencies. A smart company with integrity and very nice people too.”
James G. Barlow - Chief Executive Officer, Ohio ENT, Ohio

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